Our Vision

To be the excellent local government institution that helps beneficial way to the Community.

Our Mission

To provide a service in line with the government policies. Uplift the life style of the aria trough a planed, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people.

Ayagama divisional secretarial is the highest government institution of the aria which is provided the best services for communities.

Other than services which are provided for communities inside the office conducting many programs which are educated communities about social and economics problems and seeking solution for those,

By conducting proper co ordination with are in aria uplift the ayagama town, as developed place with social,

History of Ayagama Divisional Secretariat

kukulukoralaya had been dividend as uddapaththuwa, medapaththuwa and pallepaththuwa. Kukulukoralaya had been named as an Inland revenue division before getting lndipendence. Udapaththuwa and medapaththuwa was included to kalawana pallepaththuwa was called as ayagama It was a remote area.

Under the line with government policies which were become inland revenue to sub divisional, later kukulukoralaya inland revenue division had been become kalawana divisional secretarial.

Under divided and  separated kalawana division secretarial.ayagama had been Established as divisional secretarial. Since 17.06.1976. sub divisional which  was started in 1976. Later became additional sub divisional next ayagama divisional secretarial. Three ways to approach ayagama.

The road through haraniyawaka bridge which is in rathnapura panadura road, the road which is near the jayanthi vidyalaya in agalawaththa road.

The road which lead to gawaragiriya via ketepola and dumbara manana through Ellagawa bridge. Lead to ayagama.

The legend said, the name of ayagama was given Because of a center a which was collected income tax during British rule.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
 MR.H.L.P.BESTIYAN  1976.06.17 1978.10.22
 MR.S.H.M.CHANDRASENA 1978.10.23  1979.06.30
 MR.M.C.RANASINGHE 1979/11/01 1985/06/30
 MR.S.R.S.SENANAYAKA 1985.07.01 1991.02.17
 MR.S.W.ATHULA 1992.03.10 1992.09.07
 MR.K.V.PERERA 1992.09.08 2007.03.23
 MR.M.R.P.MUTHUNAYAKA 2007.04.18 2008.04.07
 MR.B.A.C.G.BAMUNUARACHCHI 2008.04.17 2012.01.03
MR.G.W.D.KOLAMBAGAMA 2012.01.04 2013.01.31
 MR.D.M.SUMATHIPALA 2013.02.22 2016.02.18
MR.ANRADHA JAYAKODY 2016.02.19 2017.08.19
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